Sexual Harassment Workshop

THE STAKES ARE HIGH! Lapses in legal and ethical behavior are making headlines nearly every day. Harassment and abusive conduct are rampant in the workplace, costing employers millions of dollars each year in lawsuits, employee turnover and productivity.

IT’S TIME TO MOVE BEYOND COMPLIANCE: It is time to create a workplace culture that is safe for all employees. It is time to provide your employees with a workshop that will create both consensus and understanding among management and support staff on appropriate and proper workplace conduct and how to address the issue if and when it occurs.

Goals for Sexual Harassment Workshop

  • Explain and build support for the law and ethical foundation of workplace
    harassment and anti-discrimination policies, in an interesting and non-threatening

  • Engage management and support staff in an interactive and stimulating exploration
    of workplace scenarios, in order to increase sensitivity to, and awareness of,
    ethical issues and inappropriate behavior.

  • Discuss various options for preventing, identifying, mitigating, and responding to
    harassment and discrimination situations.

  • To create a safe, supportive space for business ethics transformation, while
    providing guidance, respect and integrity utilizing proper communication

Key Learning Points covered in Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers, Supervisors and/or Employees:

  • The definition of sexual harassment

  • How to establish a specific written policy that prohibits sexual harassment

  • How to confront the harasser if sexual harassment is taking place

  • How to prevent sexual harassment from happening in your organization

  • Defining Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment

  • How to avoid Quid Pro Quo situations

  • Defining Hostile Environment sexual harassment

  • Behaviors that could result in Hostile Environment sexual harassment

  • Social media risks for Managers

  • Prevention techniques

  • How to recognize the signs of sexual harassment

  • How to counsel employees (Managers)

  • How to take a sexual harassment complaint (Managers)

  • Investigation techniques (Managers)